Engineer undertaking a KI-DISCUS Calibration

KI-DISCUS™ calibration and servicing are carried out at KI-DISCUS manufacturing facility in Portsmouth, UK.

Arrangements can be made to collect and re-deliver the unit by a specified carrier conversant with handling KI-DISCUS™ equipment.

On receipt of KI-DISCUS™ unit,  functional test and full unit inspection are carried out.

A report of work/parts recommended that are not covered within the calibration service is submitted for client agreement to carry out such work.

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Service procedure for the KI-DISCUS™ systems

Carry out PAT test
Check integrity of internal wiring and external cables and associated connectors
Replace metallised spinning disc
April 16, 2018
Examine bore and condition of nebuliser nozzle and delivery rate of peristaltic pump.
April 16, 2018
Check spray generator bearing assembly for wear.
Check condition of and tension on drive belt.
Calibrate speed controller to spray generator to achieve 28000 rpm +/- 250 rpm.
Clean opto sensor and check distance.
(Only for MK2)
Check condition of cones in sampling heads.
Check vacuum at sampling heads and verify accuracy of vacuum gauge in tool kit.
Examine and replace as necessary 'O' rings.
Replace pump tubing and perform fluid delivery check.
Replace defective parts as necessary and agreed with customer.
Function Check
Issue Calibration Certificate.

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