Tools & Spares

  1. Feeler gauge – used to determine and set distance of 0.1mm between the spinning disc and the nebuliser nozzle.
  2. Allen key – used to release/tighten the nebuliser nozzle securing screw, if adjustments need to be made to achieve a 0.1mm gap between end of nebuliser nozzle & top surface of spinning disc.
  3. Tommy bar – used in replacing the spinning disc and hub assembly.
  4. Spare “O” rings – for sensor heads. Large size – used in sensor heads (Sensor cap seal). Medium size – used in rising arm. Small size – used in sensor heads (Sensor connector seal).

Tool & Spares can be supplied as kit in a small bag, as per the picture, containing a Feeler Gauge, Allen Key, Tommy Bar and two Spare ‘O’ rings of of each size for a total of six.

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